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Informace o systému PmWiki

Základy tvorby a editace stránek

Pokročilá editace stránek

  • Uploads - Allow authors to upload files, also known as page attachments
  • Tables - How to use the original type of table markup
  • Table directives - Newer, more advanced type of table markup
  • WikiStyles - Modify the color and other CSS style attributes of a page's contents
  • Page directives - Specify page titles, descriptions, etc., and display of various components
  • Include other pages - Insert the contents of other pages into a wiki page
  • InterMap links - System for defining links among (usually wiki) sites
  • Conditional markup - Use the (:if:) directive to include or exclude portions of a page
  • Page lists - Get lists of pages using (:pagelist:) and (:searchresults:)
  • Page variables - Variables that can be used in page markup
  • Markup master index - Everything you wanted to know about wiki markup but were afraid to ask
  • Deleting pages - How to remove pages from the site
  • Simultaneous edits - Handling multiple attempts to edit a page nearly simultaneously

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Administrace systému PmWiki

The following pages are listed here so that they can include a #faq section and have the questions appear on the FAQ page. The first item is added to loop the wikitrail back to the begining (skipping over the remaining links).

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